Therapy with Kamberlyn Parker, MS, LPC

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn a bit more about me and my practice.  First I would like to share that being a therapist is my second and final career.  Because of this experience, I bring a wealth of personal and professional knowledge to my practice. 

I have always had a desire of being a therapist, even while working and being successful in the corporate world. But finally, I could no longer run from my inner voice and so I decided to start graduate school in 2010.

During graduate school, I worked full-time and raised my children as a single parent. It was a difficult and rewarding journey, but I never gave up on my dream to help others as a therapist. I finally achieved my dream in 2014 when I earned my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northeastern State University. 

Since I graduated, I have worked in a variety of settings from non-profit organizations to private practice, using different therapeutic approaches to provide individual, family, couples, and group therapy. 

I have taken every opportunity I have been given to grow and perfect my skills as a therapist and have extensively studied EMDR and Play Therapy.  Because of my specialized training, my passion for holistic healing, and my business background; I was encouraged to set up a private practice that offers EMDR online. I wanted to reach more people especially those who don’t have the opportunity to visit a therapist in person. 

I founded Parker Counseling Services in December of 2019 and have worked to develop services that offer not only convenient opportunities for healing but use effective approaches. I choose to use only the methods, such as EMDR, that have been scientifically proven to be helpful for many clients. 

I specialize in trauma and anxiety. My treatment approach is unique and collaborative, blending in elements from different techniques and tailoring treatment according to each individual’s needs. I use principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR to help bring relief and healing to your current situation. I also often incorporate mindfulness-based approaches into treatment.

I will strive to help you identify and work with your emotions, thoughts, and sensations; in order for you to improve your life through true healing.  I believe that connection is the foundation of a strong therapeutic experience, and through this connection, I will offer you a safe environment for you to experience your healing and recovery.  

I know that change can be a challenging, yet a beautiful process. But finding a comfortable fit is a very important first step, which is why I offer a free initial phone consultation. Please reach out to set one up today!